6 Ways To Recover From Bad Links
By Danielle Northrop|December 15, 2011|3:28 pm

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If you’ve got a ton of paid links or you’ve obviously built an active link farm (that’s still in play), you may find the penalty comes back and all your efforts were pointless.

So while you might temporarily succeed in earning a high ranking despite a link profile that’s stuffed full of profile links and paid links from spam sites, keep in mind that your progress is likely to be short lived.

Of course, it will very likely also devalue some of your good links.I’d recommend the 301-redirect if the bad links are old and spammy.

No different thank getting good links.

In other words, if you engaged in low-value tactics in the past but have moved on, a 301 to a new domain may very well lift the penalty.

Of course, you could just buy a new domain, move the site, and start over, but then you’ll lose all of your inbound links and off-page ranking factors, at least until you can rebuild some of them.

Consider that the 132-person panel of SEO experts that contributed to the 2011 SEOMoz Search Engine Ranking Factors Social signals at a page level”Social signals at a domain level”Analysis of a site’s/page’s perceived value to users”).

It’s not risk-free, but in many cases a site-to-site redirect does seem to neuter bad links.

Hyperlink, an element of an electronic source of information that branches users from one site to the next through links that does not show the address.

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